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D e t a ı l s  of  P r o p o s a l s

1  -  S t o r y b o a r d   o f   t h e   B l u e  W ı n g

Storyboard - Watercolor - MedihaDidemTur

2 x 24cm x 32cm, watercolor on paper, 2015

Watercolor work of Mediha Didem Türemen.

As a filmmaker, she created a story with a storyboard inspired from Albrecht Dürer's

"Wing of a Blue Roller".

She has a special interest on Dürer's work and created also woodcut and etching works as homages to Dürer.

2  -  I c a r u s 

Icarus - Print - MedihaDidemTuremen.jpg

edit. 1/3 + 2AP, 50cm x 50cm, etching - drypoint, print on Hahnemühle, 2020

etched and printed by the artist

Recent etching print of Mediha Didem Türemen

inspired from Albrecht Dürer's engraving "Nemesis ( The Great Fortune) and fall of Icarus myth.

3  -  I c a r u s 

Icarus - Plate - MedihaDidemTuremen - 1k

edit. 1/1, 50cm x 50cm, zinc, 2019

Recent zinc etched work of Mediha Didem Türemen,

inspired from Albrecht Dürer's engraving "Nemesis ( The Great Fortune) and fall of Icarus myth.

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